Despite Article 18, there are severe human rights violations in many countries, especially in the so-called 10-40 window. Christians are persecuted across Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, most of Asia (including China) and now Europe (via the European Union). Iran is one of the world's most repressive states, and those who offend Sharia law may be publicly flogged or even executed by hanging in the streets. In 2008 over 200 million Christians around the world were in danger of being tortured, persecuted, or killed for their faith.

Persecution - Future

Is the screw tightening? It is claimed that the 20th century persecutions were the most severe in the history of the church. According to the World Christian Encyclopedia (2001), some 45.4 million Christians were martyred in the 20th century. Other statistics show martyrdoms increasing yearly, from 35,000 in 1900, to 171,000 in 2005 to an estimated 260,000 in 2008. Clearly, some of this increase will be due to population increase.

Jesus said that just before He comes again, believers would be hated and delivered up to the authorities. Some would be killed. Jesus said that an hour (a relatively brief period of time) is coming when men will kill believers in Christ because they think they are offering service to God (Jn 16.2)! This happened in the Catholic Inquisition and is happening today under Islam. On the positive side, the arrest of a believer leads to an opportunity to testify to a godless world (Lk 21.12-19) Please pray for the opersecuted church and consider supporting Christian organisations who are a voice for the persecuted CSW, Open Doors. Release International.

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