​News Blog February/March 2019

 Christians in The Middle East Form New Government

After President Donald Trump's recent announcement to pullout US troops  from Syria Christians, Arabs and other ethnic groups including  Kurds have formed a new , largely democratic government inside northeast Syria. They say Trump's surprise decision left them at the mercy of the larger nations around them.

Amina Omer, co-chair of the Council of Democratic Syria  said, "The people in this area are very frightened by the decision of the American pullout because a lot of countries and militias are covering the region east of the Euphrates to replace the Americans and Russians,  the Assad regime, Iran and Turkey or the Nasra front that have declared publicly that they will support Turkey on their attack of the east of the Euphrates"

"The decision by President Trump for the withdrawal of the US troops was a decision not made at a good time and it  has had really negative consequences on the council." he added.

Syrian Democratic Forces Captain Aram  said "Turkey is so dangerous because it has the new and the old enemy for our people. From the before revolution and now. Erdogan wants to take our area, to make it to him with the Turkish government."

The new formed alliance  doesn't quarantee  stability in the region as Russia & Iran will continue to be a threat  with Syria providing Iran with a much  larger route to transport weapons and supplies to Hezbollah in Lebanon. This would also complete Iran's desire for a land bridge to the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, Israel is already fighting to keep Iran from basically transforming Syria into its own military base on Israel's northern border. Within the just the past year, Israel has launched more than two hundred strikes at Iranian targets within Syria. With both Israel and Iran promising to hit each other harder, any influx of weapons could turn this simmering conflict into all-out war. Please pray for this new alliance and the Christians in the region. Psalm 91