​News Blog April/May 2019

 Increasing Archaeological finds confirms existence of  Israel and the bible!​​

More and more evidence is being uncovered to reveal the existence of ancient Israel and the God of the bible.

Archaeological excavations of a 2000 year old Jewish settlement in Beer Sheva have uncovered the sherd of a rare oil lamp depicting a menorah with nine branches, one of the earliest artistic depictions of a menorah ever discovered. Archaeologists excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority and Ben Gurion University in the Negev, underwritten by the Ministry of Housing to facilitate the construction of a new neighbourhood, have revealed among other things, the sherd of a rare oil lamp depicting a menorah with nine branches. This is one of the earliest artistic depictions of a Jewish menorah ever discovered! For the first time, the remains of a Jewish settlement of the Second Temple period have been discovered in Beer Sheva. The archaeological excavation carried out to facilitate a new neighbourhood near the northern entrance to beer Sheba has revealed evidence of a Jewish day- to -day life there, including part of an oil lamp decorated with a nine branched menorah - one of the earliest yet discovered by researchers - as well as limestone vessels used by Jews for reasons of ritual purity, a watchtower and more.  The site dated from the 1st century CE until the Bar-Kohhba Revolt in 135CE, also appears to contain underground hidden passageways used by the Jewish rebels. The special finds uncovered in the excavation included a sherd of an oil lamp of a type known as a Jewish "Southern Lamp". There was great excitement when the sherd was cleaned and its decoration revealed a nine branched menorah.

Meanwhile, Israeli archaeologists recently unearthed a rare seal in the City of David in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City - a 2,600 yar old seal/stamp bearing the name in Hebrew which is mentioned in the bible. It acknowledges Nathan Melech, Servant of the King ("LeNathan-Melech Eved HaMelech" mentioned in 2 Kings 23:11). Israel belongs to God and always will! He always watches over here! Please continue to pray  for a hedge of protection around  the borders of Israel during this time of  tension..